5 Questions you will probably be asked at your first therapy appointment

You may appreciate knowing ahead of time the topics that may come up early in a therapy relationship.

The first and most important that your therapist will want to discuss with you is what do you want to get out of therapy? Are you attending sessions because you’re looking to change something about yourself? Are you trying to accept or acknowledge something tough? Are you trying to overcome something?

Your therapist will probably ask you how long you have been experiencing symptoms of distress or other emotions that motivated your search for therapy. Knowing this answer can help guide conversations over time.

Your therapist will also ask you questions about your current situation and your personal history. You don’t have to divulge every tiny detail right away; just tell what you think is right to share given the questions.

Your therapist will also want to know more about your relationships. Do you have friends whom you see regularly? Do you have a partner or kids, and how do things currently feel with them? Are you close with your family? Insight into your relationships provides important information and sometimes even the process alone of expressing how you feel about your relationships can make you feel better.

A therapist may also ask you to share any major life circumstances or problematic habits you wish to discuss. You may not want to fix or change this behavior as part of your therapy goals, but it will help the therapist to see the whole picture, as these issues may be affecting your overall happiness and therapeutic goals.